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Overview of TOEFL IBT?

TOEFL is one of the renowned English proficiency tests for a non-English native country student who wishes to study abroad. TOEFL is the trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS introduced this examination to execute abroad studies and designed this examination in 1964. This exam is well known in countries like the USA, CANADA, Germany, and France. Previously this test was introduced in two formats of CBT (computer-based test) and PBT (paper-based test). In 2005, ETS launched IBT (internet-based test), that replaced CBT. PBT or paper-based still is in use in selected areas around the world however students prefer mostly IBT over PBT.

Exam pattern and duration –

TOEFL IBT has 4 sections including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. But for PBT it consists of reading, writing listening, and structure. The duration of both exams are different, IBT usually takes 4 hours to complete where PBT requires 3 hours. The students after 10+2 who are willing to study abroad can apply for a TOEFL exam. This exam is conducted 5 times every month. So, according to your comfort, you can choose your date.

Exam’s sections-

Now, talking about the 4 segments of TOEFL. The Reading examination takes 60-80 minutes to complete. This section has 3- 4 passages, This section contains 30 marks.

Listening is an audio consisting section, here audio mostly is classroom or conversation-based. The student should listen carefully and give the answers accordingly. This part contained 30 marks and it takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

The next part is Speaking. In this section, you can show your ability to speak and communicate, so it can indicate that you are able to converse with the people in English native society. This section contains 6 topics where you have to answer logically, topic, and opinion-based. This section contains 30 marks and it takes 20 minutes.

Now coming to the last section. The writing part takes 50 minutes to complete. Here the student will provide audio, and students should listen and gather information and write it down. They will get one independent writing also. The student has to complete it within time.

In concluding the section, this TOEFL IBT is for 120 marks. So if you get marks between 84-110, it will consider a great mark. While applying for any institute, please check whether the institution has mentioned any individual score for TOEFL.

How many days result are valid?

TOEFL result is valid for 2 years. So when you are sure that your preparation is well enough and ready to apply for the university, then appear for the examination.

How to book an exam –

Once you are ready for the examination you can book the exam online. You can check the date and book your slot by filling up the application and then paying the fees.

Examination fees depend upon the region you choose, it is between USD 180- 250. In India, it’s 12, 750(approximate, can be increased).

If you are looking to crack the TOEFL iBT exam then you can search and enroll different courses offered by the different instructors or institution across the world. You can search for the courses from our marketplace. If you are doing self-preparation then you can check the different books that you can buy online.

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