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About PTE

Pearson Language Tests is one of the computer-based English proficiency tests. PTE is one of the most approachable English exams as the result declares within 5 business days. Pearson PLC group conducting the PTE examination for the students who want to study abroad or people who want to migrate to an English spoken country. This test is an English proficiency proof for non-English native individuals to show that they can easily communicate and be a part of an English spoken society.

Type of PTE

There are 2 types of PTE examination:

The PTE Academic is assembled for the students who want to apply for their further studies abroad.

On the other hand, PTE General is designed for people who are planning to migrate or work in other countries.

How many days the results are valid?

PTE Academic is organized for almost every day of year and its result is valid for 2 years. However, PTE General is conducted only 3 times in a year in months of May, June, and December and the result has no expiration, therefore, its valid for a lifetime.

Exam pattern and duration

PTE Academic and PTE General have 2 different exam patterns. The General part has only 2 sections which one is written part and the other is speaking.

PTE Academic has 3 sections:

Speaking and writing

This part of the exam takes 77- 93 minutes’. The section has 8 parts with distinctive parts in Speaking and Writing :


The reading part is between 32 to 41 minutes and has different segments:


This section takes 45- 57 minutes. The exam parts are:


To sit for this exam, it is best to know the modules and the techniques. Make sure your microphone, headphone, or speaker works properly. You need to speak at the right time, if you start talking earlier, a part of your speaking will not be recorded. Always keep an eye on the time. Get familiar with typing on a computer and practice, practice, and practice.

How to book exam

If you are ready for the examination, visit the PTE website, create your own account, and pay the fees. Remember, the result comes out after 5 business days. If you want to retake examination you can apply after 5 days.

If it should be necessary to cancel your exam, you may be eligible to get a refund. By canceling the examination 14 days beforehand, the student will get 100% of the fee back. If in case the students cancel the test 7 to 14 days before the exam, then they will get back 50% of the fee. If it is under 7 days then there is no refund.

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