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Overview of the GRE exam?

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is designed and organized by ETS (Educational Testing Service). GRE helps students who are having a low academic performance to enhance their profile. If student have good marks in their academic qualification, as well as, a good GRE result, then they will get extra fuel in the race of applications.

Having GRE is mandatory in the USA for the students who are willing to apply for a master’s degree especially in business courses and Ph.D. Moreover, nowadays other countries like UK, France, Germany, and Canada also started accepting GRE. There are two types of GRE, one is computer-based and the other is paper passed. Currently, the computer-based examination is the only available method in India.

Exam pattern and duration of GRE Exam

The computer-based exam is more common everywhere, and paper-based exam can be conducted in specific locations around the world. Where computer-based exam consists of only three sections of verbal reasoning skills, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills, the Paper-based exam has subject test additional to those three sections. The subject-based tests are in these mentioned topics: Mathematics, biology. Biochemistry, molecular biology, literature in English, physics, psychology.

Exam duration is 3 hours and 45 minutes (approximately 4 hours). You can see the timing for each section mentioned in the table below:

Analytical Writing(Analyse issue) (Analyse argument )30 minutes each
Verbal reasoning ( 2 section)20 questions30 minutes each section
Quantitative Reasoning (2 section)20 questions35 minutes each section
Research Section Last section

The marks division in the GRE is unique and The Verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning comes between 130-170 marks, whereas 130 considers 0 and 170 consider as the highest mark to obtain, therefore, to get a good mark student needs to gain 150-160 in each section. In analytical writing, the measures are between 0-6. Getting over 4 points in this section is considered to be a good mark. Calculation of the marks is might be a bit confusing, though ETS has published their own percentile chart as a reference for students. The lowest possible mark in GRE is 260, so scoring 290 and above is recognised as a valid GRE mark.

Students can attempt for GRE examination 5 times in a year, but for every attempt, they need to have a gap of minimum 21 days.

GRE general test is introduced in 2011, this examination is designed for all the graduates. GRE has 3 sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Students can use a calculator during the exam and they can edit their answers or skip questions to choose the ones which they want to attend first. This flexibility makes GRE the most student-friendly exam.

How long the results are valid?

GRE score is valid for 5 years.

How to book an examination?

To sum up this examination is conducted in 180 countries, the examination fees are different from one region to other. Its cost around $200 to $240 in across the world. To book the test, the first student needs to create an account on the ETS website. A student will be asked to select which country he is giving the exam and choose his preferable date and on the next page, he needs to fill up the online form with all personal details. The primary required document is a passport which student needs to carry while appearing for the exam. At the end and final step is paying the fees. Students will have the option to pay the fees online.

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