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Adrian Chohan

British English teacher with over 16 years experience teaching adults and children of all ages.
(UTC+00:00) London – Europe/London
  • Background Verified: No

  • Country: United Kingdom [ GBR ]

  • Language Speaks: english

  • Mode of Teaching: Live Courses, One on One Tutoring, Self Paced Courses

  • Courses | Classes Category : Academic Subjects, Exams

  • Taught Subjects: English as a Foreign Language, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing

  • Availability: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday

  • Demo Classes Offered by Instructor: : No

About Instructor

A professional and motivated individual with a solid background in teaching English as a second language. Enjoys taking on new challenges as such opportunities are reflective of key strengths in analysis, leadership, and communication. Consistently works to the highest professional standards with a strong focus on innovation and integrity. Developed training approaches and materials and measured their effectiveness in practical training sessions and INSETTs.

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