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How to crack ielts

How to prepare IELTS in one month.IELTS or the International English language testing system is one of the mandatory requirements for people from a non-English native country who wish to study or migrate to any English spoken countries. This is the English proficiency assessment which is proof that student is good enough to stay in countries like Australia, European countries, UK, USA, New Zealand, and many more. But so many students are put under pressure while they are going through this examination and it may result in lower scores. So here is some twists and tips which help you to get your desired band.

Firstly, there are two types of IELTS tests. The students who are going to apply for a course abroad opt for the IELTS Academic category and people who are applying for migration, vocational training, and jobs, need to sit for the IELTS General Training category.

The test is included four parts of listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Students have to practice to gain enough skills so that they can overcome the test with one attempt!

Listening – This section is about 30 minutes. So students will require multi-tasking in this part as they have to listen to recorded audios, read the questions, and write the answers in the same time. Please remember the student requires to attend a different range of question types in this part.

Speaking – This section will be completed within 15 minutes. The questions are in a variety of ranges and different levels of difficulty. It can be about the everyday social life of a candidate or be an academic topic. To bring a good score you should go thorough current affairs, daily newspapers, radio, and live news where you can get more information and a vast number of topics to talk about. You should speak confidently, clearly, and spontaneously.

Writing – Writing is an hour test and you have to write 2 segments within time. There will be word limitation and You should not write less than that, also writing too much can be time-consuming. The texts should be compact and informative with good grammar and vocabulary while being cohesive.  Time management is more important in this part.

Reading – The duration of Reading part also is 1 hour time. Most of the students struggle with this part due to a lack of organization and time management. For Reading, you should do practices that improvises your speed of reading passage.

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Strategies to get band 7- 8 score in IELTS

So, when you are studying for IELTS you should make some strategies which help you to crack IELTS band 7-8.

The day before your IELTS exam

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  1. Hey there! Thank you for such an insightful article for IELTS. I liked how you started off by explaining each section with how much time it should take to complete the said section. I also liked the part where you give a few tips and tricks to be followed by the students the day before their IELTS exam. Those were amazing final check pointers before you appeared for IELTS.

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