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Our team verify your enquiry form and help you signing up in Applyclasses for free of cost.

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Your profile is everything where you need to showcase your qualifications and experience for potential students to review.

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You can choose amongst the popular exams to teach and upload all necessary details about the course

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You will decide what would be the duration of the course

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Publish and Manage

Publish and Update your courses with batches, schedules and pricing.

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Enroll Students

Manage your tutoring business from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

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Auto pre-class alerts

Instructors and Learners get notification on their email before the class start . Therefore no missing classes anymore.

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Manage Students

Manage assignments, chat with learners outside class hours & much more.

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ApplyClasses offers fast, hassle-free payment. We helps resolve billing issues and ensures you receive payment for your time.

Learning Tools

Self-paced & Live Courses

Create and sell beautiful courses in minutes.  Self-paced & Live courses can be created.

One on One Tutoring

Complete freedom to learner to learn on their terms anywhere, anytime.

Group Classes

Sell your expertise on topics at a low price to many users in the form of single & multiple online classes.

Tests & Quizzes

Easily create a quiz with our native feature to reinforce learning, summarize essential information, and check in on your students’ progress.

Student Feedback

Customize your feedback with your custom questions and know about the quality of tutor, classes and lessons.

Why Choose ApplyClasses

Earn money by sharing your advanced test preparation skills from the comfort of your home or office. Whether you’re new to tutoring or an established pro, listing your services on Applycourses is the most effective way to build and manage your own successful tutoring business.

Tech Live Classes

Start teaching on ApplyClasses without building a website. Register now to start teaching on Applyclasses.

Receive timely payments

ApplyClasses ensures your payments are deposited directly in your bank account within 15 days

Grow your business​

Upload courses, set your own cost, work hours and manage lessons by login into your dashboard. Platform which will help you to grow your business worldwide.

Featured Instructor

We work hard to bring students to the platform and connect them with our instructors.

Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about the terms and policies of Applyclasses

how applyclasses earn?

Live Courses

ApplyClasses takes a commission % of total course fee or total tutoring fee charged per student per hour  . The commission varies from 30% to 20 % and depends on the number of students. The more number of students you tech through ApplyClasses, the less commission you pay.







Note: % based on per student per hour

Live Classes - One on One

In our One on One lesson, we encourage you to take more hours by calculating the fees per hour. More hours you take, less percentage you will share with us. The hours are not having a time limit so once you reach to 400+ hours, from then you will share only 17% of your fees with us.

Self Paced Courses

If you publish your self-paced courses then We do offer the maximum discount in this type of courses. You will get 97% of your course fees if the student is buying your course through you and your own promotions. If the students come from our promotions and advertising, then you will get 30% of the course fee. The purchases via organic registration means when a student comes to our portal and searches the subjects and buys any courses.







Frequently asked questions

Each lesson is planned in the Calendar section and after it is completed, the instructor can correct its duration and summary. He or she can also add a homework assignment. The platform will automatically send the student a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson. Once that is done, the instructor will receive a payment to the internal account according to  class duration and price per hour. We issue the payments for Live Courses after 7 days prior of the class ending, and for One to One classes we will issue the payment 7 days after each class, and for self-paced class we will issue the payment 30 days after purchasing the course. 

Student will prepay your classes through the platform if they want to take lessons with you. The more hours student chooses, the more commission share is for the instructors.

Registration on ApplyClasses is free for instructors.

The ApplyClasses platform is created to help instructors and students find each other. As long your profile is 100% complete and have good review from previous students, the chances of student finds you easily is higher. 

Of course, you can! Also sharing your profile on social media will help to advance your ranking position in the search results. 

There will be a review section in each course that the students who have taken the class can give their review there. 

Please explain to the student that we reinvest commission from the lessons into marketing, programming, and platform development. Being a part of our tutors’ family means understanding and accepting our rules and principles as well as being honest with us.

When you become aware that you will not be able to carry out your planned lesson please inform your student as far in advance as possible by rescheduling or cancelling the lesson. Note that you can cancel or reschedule lessons without any penalties up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time. Otherwise, the Cancellation Policy may apply.

Our team manually verifies and approves a profile of each new instructor . During the verification process, we pay close attention to the level of profile completeness and its quality, as well as assess qualifications of each instructor. That is why all important changes will be additionally approved by our team. 

Upon request, the payment for unused hours can be returned to the student.

Please use our support panel or mail us at

Teaching profession is more about experience, so we review your profile and once we feel you are skilled enough to teach, we will proceed for your trainer account. Therefore having a degree is not that important as having experience.

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